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Hooked Up Charters, Port Clinton, Ohio


Our walleye season (Western Basin) begins in March and runs through November with the hottest bite in May, June and July. However, trophy fish are caught year-round with 3-6 pound are common and 6-10 pound are taken regularly.

Many Fish Ohio walleye (28" and larger) are taken each season making Lake Erie.....The Walleye Capital of the World !

Hooked Up Charters, Port Clinton, Ohio

The Western Basin

Current Lake Erie Walleye Limit

April:  4 per Angler 

May - October:  6 per Angler   (15" minimum)


The Western Basin is comprised of many reefs, islands and structure making it one of the most fertile areas for walleye. Springtime can be a great jigging time over reefs in only 10-15' of water. As waters warm and walleye complete their spawning rituals in the rivers and over reef structure walleye move to deeper water around the islands. Walleye continue to move to deeper water as the summer heats the shallow waters of the Western Basin.

Once the walleye move from their spawning areas they disperse and roam the open waters which makes trolling and 

drift fishing the preferred method for targeting walleyes.


Late spring and early summer walleye fishing can be some of the most action packed "all hands on deck" trips available.....great for all ages. NO previous experience is necessary! 

Hooked Up Charters with Captain Kevin McIntyre and first mate will show you the techniques for hands on combat along with coordinating multiple techniques at the same time for the most productive fishing you can experience. Having 2 or even 3 fish on at once is a common event. Plenty of action to keep all ages interested.

PERCH | Hooked Up Charters, Port Clinton, Ohio

Perch Season

The current Lake Erie Perch Limit is 30 per person and 2 poles per person.


Although perch can be caught year-round most anglers target perch in the late summer through late fall for the hottest perch bite. As the water cools in late summer and early fall, perch begin to school making them and easy target for all anglers young and old. Hooked Up Charters will supply the live bait needed for a great day of perch fishing. Lake Erie perch are known as some of the best table fare available with very sweet and tasty filets.


For the best dates book your perch trip now ! poles per person

Smallmouth Bass | Hooked Up Charters, Port Clinton, Ohio

Smallmouth Bass Season

Ohio Smallmouth Regulations does not allow possession:   May 1 - June 27 (Catch and Release Only)

Smallmouth Bass

Lake Erie has fast become known as one of the top producing Smallmouth Bass fisheries in the country. Several top pro angler tournaments are held each year throughout Lake Erie. Lake Erie's Western basin holds the state record Smallmouth of 9.5 lbs. and 23.5" in length ! 


Pound for pound Smallmouth are one of the hardest fighting and most acrobatic freshwater sport fish there is. The excitement of high jumping, hard pulling smallies on the end of the line is great fun for all ages and skill levels.

The Western Basin's rocky structure, islands and reef complexes are keys to the success of the Smallmouth revival. Casting salt tubes, crank baits or jerk baits over the rocky structure can really get a school of smallies going....

However, soft craws are one of the most productive baits used to catch Smallmouth on a consistent basis. We recommend 1-2 doz per angler when targeting Smallmouth. Soft craws must be pre-ordered and are additional to the trip cost.

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